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Email: sajayghana@gmail.com

Contact: 0244714976, on 0244714976/0542683312

 Address: P.O.BOX 16924, ACCRA-NORTH 23 ASAMAN STREET, ODORKOR GA-501-0235

At Ajay Sajays enterprise we are passionate about producing wholesome and nutritious foods and beverages which is suitable for the whole family. We seek to decrease the high consumption of refined sugar; therefore our unique ingredient found in our products is dates – which are natural and healthy substitute for refined sugar.

Ajay Sajays Enterprise is the producer of

Sajays date syrup

  • Sajays date powder,
  • Sajays wonder fruit (Goron tula)
  • Sajays wonder syrup
  • Sajays Sobolo Granules

Ajay Sajays Enterprise seeks to provide wholesome and nutritious foods made with natural products for every individual. Our goal is always to see our customers happy with our products and we being the name that comes to mind, whenever our products are in need.

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