Independence Development Challenge – One project per year and we will transform our Nation and continent.

The Independence Day development project

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 Project Organizers:

Our Great Africa foundation (Rev. Kodzo Deku, PMP)

OK Foundation (Okyeame Kwame)


  1. Kodzo Deku, PMP (Project Management Professional) – Project Manager/Lead
  2. Okyeame Kwame and OK entertainment – Project Marketing Lead

Project Partners.

 IMMANI Ghana 

Project Managers Without Borders


 Media Partner: Live FM, Asempa FM.  

 Each year we celebrate our Independence Day as a republic and activities of the day are mostly marked with school children and the working class parading at various stadia and durbar grounds across the country marching under the hot sun. This has apparently not yielded much benefits to the nation as students and pupils as well as professionals spend hours of their precious productive time rehearsing under the scotching sun.

The Independence  development project is therefore set to enhance the celebration of our independence as a nation. This project is thus aimed at encouraging individuals as well as communities and various institutions, to pick up any challenge they are facing in their communities and try to find ways of resolving them independently. This in a way, is to put into practice the true meaning of our independence, a people capable of resolving their own issues without depending heavily on external support.


  • The invitation is extended to Schools (From primary to University)
  • All professional institutions.
  • All communities, towns and villages.
  • Any well motivated individual.



  1. Identify any long-standing problem or challenge your community/school has been facing over the past years.
  2. Develop a concept that demonstrates how this issue would be resolved.
  3. Outline a clear strategy to resolve this issue with the support of your community.
  4. Add any photos and videos as supporting document.
  5. Mail to [email protected] for further consideration.


One of the key ways of development is coming up with solutions against future problems or challenges that are yet to manifest themselves. As the age old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”.  That is why the INDEPENDENCE DAY DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGE encourages individuals, communities and institutions to look for solutions against future issues. Solutions that would prevent future disasters or problems for their community, nation or our dear continent, Africa.

  1. Identify any foreseeable problem your community is likely to face in the future.
  2. Follow instructions as listed above (2 to 5)

Selected projects would be given professional guide by volunteers from various professional bodies and not for profit organizations including the Project Management Institute community, Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, Ghana Institute of Engineering, Institution of Engineering and Technology, Project Managers without Borders, etc.

There would be a monthly evaluation and assessment of projects selected. Their respective progress would be published on blogs.sokocentre.com, Facebook page of Our Great African Foundation, Social media pages of OK entertainment and the social media pages of our star lead, Okyeame Kwame.


The main support to be enjoyed by all projects would mainly be in the domain of technical support. There is a group of solid project manager as well as other professionals who are ready and willing to support any individual or group of persons with free consulting services.


  1. Would you want to be a partner or a sponsor on this amazing project, do contact us via the contact details below.
  2. Are you a professional willing to voluntarily support others on the Independence Day Development Project with your knowledge and time? Then please talk to the project organizers via their contacts bellow or simply send an email to Rev. Deku – [email protected]

For further information contact rev Kodzo Deku, PMP/ the Facebook page of our Great Africa Foundation or, contact:

Rev. Kodzo Deku, PMP. ([email protected], 0553151971)

Okyeame Kwame (05443355777)

Instagram *independence-dev-challenge*

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    This is the best programme to celebrate our independence anniversary as a nation.

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    The best way to develop our nation is to start from ourselves. Great project indeed. #independentghana #independentafrica #sokocentre

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    Change is the only constant. It is either we change our minds now to develop our own nation, or the change itself will catch up with us, by which time we would have become totally enslaved to foreign goods. We will build a better Ghana with OUR MADE IN GHANA CAMPAIGN.

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