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Our bodies are the engine of life, for that matter, every individual desire to live a healthy lifestyle to grow strong, healthy and to live longer. Hence the birth of Myda brand of cereals.


With a little salt, add 4 teaspoonful to 750ml of cold water and mix, put mixture on fire and stir continuously to thickened whilst adding water to get the desired thickness. Allow mixture to boil for 5 minutes and serve. Add sugar or honey and milk to taste.


Please keep in a cool dry place. Keep cool and out of sunlight, when opened, please keep refrigerated and consume within 31 days.

Myda foods (porridge) is good for toddlers (above 6 month), children, young adults and the aged. It is also a great food supplement for individuals on special diet, for example: hypertension, stroke and Diabetic patients as a breakfast and a late eater who needs a quick and healthy meal before bed.

Our products are made from carefully selected natural cereals like Brown rice, soya, carrot and moringa, etc. The aims is to promote healthy eating and curbing malnutrition in weaned babies.

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