Papa’s Pizza- Full House (Jumbo)

Papa’s Pizza- Full House (Jumbo)



  • Tomato sauce
  • cheese
  • chorizo
  • ham
  • beef
  • sweet corn
  • chicken
  • bacon
  • olives
  • onion
  • green  pepper
  • sausage
  • fresh tomatoes
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Papa’s Pizza- Full House is a delicious and healthy pizza prepared specially with a wide variety of tasty ingredients. The main ingredients used in its preparation includes cheese, tomato sauce, chorizo, ham, beef, sweet corn, chicken, bacon, olives, onion, green  pepper, sausage, fresh tomatoes  etc. Papa’s Pizza- Full House is ideal for all occasions such as weddings, parties, naming ceremonies, “boys boys” & “girls girls” fan time etc.

Note that  Papa’s Pizza- Full House (Jumbo) contains 16 delicious slices and  its prepared under very hygienic conditions.

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