we have a dream of a better Africa.

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The die is cast; the tone has already been set by many fellow Africans. We have, in our turn, brainstormed together…..

…….The ‘turmoil’ the world is witnessing of the African continent today is the aftermath of a historic failure of judgement, on two ends: that of former colonial powers and that of pre and post-colonial Africa itself. Now, one could make a lengthy elaboration justifying the former but what matters the most, what ought to matter to us now more than ever, is the latter. While my goal is not to propose a definite answer, it is to provoke a conversation—about questions. We ought to ask questions. What went wrong; where? When? How? For whom did it go wrong? Why? Once we focus on trying to ask the right questions, then we have consciously set ourselves on the path to finding better answers. By wrestling with the difficult questions of moral, political, social, economic and even philosophical interest, we give ourselves the chance to journey and eventually arrive at solid answers. It is our responsibility to create the narrative we want to live by and pass on down. And right here, I see it. The enormous opportunity and true promise there is for the African continent. I hope we can pledge allegiance to this quest for answers, starting the search from within our own context. I hope we can resist the very real temptation to despair. And while embracing the uniqueness and beauty of our heritage, I hope we can focus on the equally real victory there is to be won.

In the meantime, I dare to believe it— The African Child WILL Dance![i]




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The best help that a person could ever get is the kind that makes him/her realise that there is no real help outside his/her inner drive. Simply put, as the old Chinese adage goes, “give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day; teach him how to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.” Teaching a man how to fish, basically means getting him to tap into the natural resources he has at his disposal, both within and without.

This book, prefaced by Dr. Kofi Debrah, talks about how best fellow Africans would need to draw on the inner drive that is in all of us, and the natural resources around us and beneath our feet, in order to develop our continent. It talks about the fact that depending on external support is no option for sustainable advancement and development. We Africans, have been “begging for fish” for far too long. It is high time we started “fishing” for ourselves.

We have tried to point out the unparalleled role each African needs to play in transforming the “begging continent” to the “giving continent”.  This calls for immediate action on the part of each African: young, old, woman, man, government official, civil servant, educated and non-educated, degree holder, non-degree holder, white-collar worker, blue-collar worker etc., to join hands in the pool of the already existing wonderful initiatives across the continent. As Shakira, the Colombian musician will say: “IT’S TIME FOR AFRICA!”

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