• Alternating Mattress Overlay

    Alternating Mattress Overlay

    • Alleviates bed sores and ulcers
    • Designed to help prevent bedsores by relieving pressure points.
    • Durable
    • Quiet variable pressure pump
    • Premium design
    • End flaps tuck easily under the mattress for secure positioning.
  • Ankle Sleeve

    Ankle Sleeve

    • Breathable and lightweight moisture wicking and anti-odor fabric
    • Full range of motion
    • Seamless and flat cuff for superior comfort
    • Compression to reduce swelling and provide support
  • Bariatric Folding Commode

    Bariatric Folding Commode

    • Tool-free assembly
    • Easily opens and folds for storage and transportation
    • Durable plastic 
    • Comes complete commode bucket with carry handle, cover and splash shield
  • Bath Stool

    Bath Stool

    • Great for bath or shower
    • Easy assembly and dismantling
    • Large base non-skid rubber tips
    • Lightweight
    • Durable
  • Bed Wedge

    Bed Wedge

    • Helps relieve leg pain
    • Helps reduce pressure on your back for relief from back pain
    • Helps improve blood flow to the brain
    • Helps improve blood circulation
    • Helps you get a peaceful and comfortable nights rest
    • No need to clumsily stack pillows or other items that fall over constantly throughout the night
    • Cover machine washes easily for repeated use
  • Boot Walker

    Boot Walker

    • An inner lining, with hook and loop fasteners which encloses and cushions the patient’s foot and ankle
    • A rigid frame to restrict motion in the lower leg
    • A hard plastic shell that provides rigidity and protection to the leg
    • Adjustable closure system that allows for proper fitting to various leg sizes
  • Contoured Bed Pan

    Contoured Bed Pan

    • For anyone who has difficulty getting out of bed
    • The contour design provides comfort with side grips for easy handling
    • Lightweight, durable and easy to clean
  • Drop Foot Brace

    Drop Foot Brace

    • Aids ambulation
    • Prevents drop-foot and toe-heel gait
    • Gives dynamic dorsiflexion assist, plantar flexion resistance and inversion-eversion control.
    • Injection modeled for durability, easy fit and long wear.
  • Face Shield

    Face Shield


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  • Folding Shower Chair

    Folding Shower Chair

    • The seat has a support grip in each side and holes for water drain.
    • The chair is collapsible to reduce space requirements when not in use.
    • The chair legs has slip-resistant rubber ferrules.
  • Lace Ankle Bracelet

    Lace Ankle Bracelet

    • Treats acute ankle ligament sprains and chronic instabilities
    • Lightweight to easily fit inside your shoe
    • Outstanding performance and durability
    • Removable plastic medial/lateral enhances stability
  • Low Pressure Mattress Overlay

    Low Pressure Mattress Overlay (Bed Not Included)

    • Provides low air loss and alternating pressure
    • Durable, easy to replace bladders (20, 5” deep)
    • Water resistant, vapor permeable, machine washable cover material
    • Pillow function
    • Emergency CPR valve for quick deflation
    • 1 year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty on mattress and pump
  • Shower Chair

    Shower Chair

    • Easily adjust height without the use of tools;
    • Visible height indicator makes adjustments quick and easy
    • Enhanced comfort seat fits all shapes and sizes
    • Tool-Free removal of back, legs, and arms for easy storage and portability
    • Lightweight design has large stable legs with soft non-slip feet