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Address: Agrimat House, Legon – Madina High Road, Madina – Accra, Gm-032-8437

La Nkwatanang, Madina – Accra

Contact: 020 812 2867, 055 988 5487, 0302 506883

Email: info@agrimatghana.com

Website: www.agrimatghana.com

Agrimat Limited was established and incorporated in 1991. The registered office location is AGRIMAT HOUSE, ON THE LEGON MADINA HIGH ROAD, in ACCRA.

AGRIMAT LIMITED’s core business activity is the importation and distribution of a wide range of agricultural inputs. We distribute our products through a wide network of agents throughout the country. All the agents are private business concerns who are resident in their areas of operation.

The Farm Machinery and Agric Engineering Department:

We are involved in the servicing of field agricultural equipment such as tractors, water pumps, planters and harrows that are used for farm mechanization.

 AGRIMAT IRRIGATION DEPARTMENT: Agrimat is also involved in the supply and installation of good quality irrigation equipment for both small scale and large scale farmers.

Another business activity we are currently engaged in is the contract packaging of products. Thus we are capable of repacking products into smaller units for the benefit of small scale farmers. Agrimat Limited is also involved in the storage of grain like maize, beans, rice etc. for both farmers and grain traders. We have acquired quality grain cleaning equipment that is used to clean grain and in the process improve the quality of the grain for farmers and traders. This is to make sure that farmers and grain traders will be able to provide to the market good quality grains that do not have insects be they dead or alive, stones and dirt in them and help them command a better price for their produce.

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