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A message from the chamber of Agribusiness, Ghana Leave a comment

agri inputsOn behalf of the CEO and the entire Management team of the Ghana Chamber of Agribusiness, I wish to salute all our gallant stakeholders within the horticulture space once more on this special day and encourage you all to remain steadfast in your noble business.

It is another year again, where we are going to meet as various stakeholders in the horticulture space as part of the Hortifresh Fruits and Vegetable Fair participants. Over the years, the horticulture sector has been a critical part of the agribusiness industry. Horticultural products account for about 38% of the non-traditional agricultural export Commodities, contributing over US$159.8 M to the Ghanaian economy. Your role is more critical even now as we urgently need fruits and Vegetables to secure a stronger immunity against the CoVID-19 pandemic.

We at the Ghana Chamber of Agribusiness are elated and poised to partner Hortifresh in this year’s event and work painstakingly in the subsequent ones to ensure, this unique platform is always created for us to show the rest of the world what we are worth and how they can take advantage and do business with us while improving their health for longer life and prosperity.

Ghana celebrates you for feeding the ever-growing population, contributing to substantial revenue, especially foreign exchange to the national kitty while improving the health of the environment. Ayekoo!

Dr. Courage Besah-Adanu

Technical Director-CAG

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